5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Using a Commercial Air Fryer

When you’re cooking in a commercial air fryer, you have a lot of options. You can make all kinds of things from chicken nuggets to French fries and even pizza! But there are also some mistakes that people make when using the appliance. The trick is knowing which ones not to make so that your food turns out just right every time and stays healthy too! In this article we’ll be highlighting five of the mistakes made when using an Air fryer. Read on!

Ignoring instructions

When you use an air fryer, it’s important to follow the recipe exactly. If you don’t, your food could burn or even explode on the inside as a result of cooking at high temperatures.

In addition to following the directions carefully, don’t rush through any part of your meal preparation process, even if you’re pressed for time! The best way to ensure that everything comes out perfectly is by taking your time and making sure each step is done properly (and safely).

Not preheating

This is a major mistake and one that you should avoid at all costs. The reason for this is simple: if you don’t preheat your air fryer to its optimal temperature, then you will end up with an overcooked food product.

The best way to ensure that your food is cooked properly in an air fryer is by following the manufacturer’s instructions and preheating it for five minutes before cooking begins. If you do not follow these steps, then there may be a chance that some of your foods will burn while they are being cooked!

Ignoring the basket position

When you use an air fryer, the position of your basket can affect the cooking time and results. If it’s too close to the heating element, food will cook too quickly and become dry. This can lead to overcooking or burning if you don’t pay attention. If it’s too far away from the heating element, foods won’t be properly cooked because they take longer to heat up than if they were closer in proximity with their source of heat (the fan).

Using oil spray instead of cooking spray

When you use oil spray, there will be excess oil that ends up on your food. This can make it more difficult to clean up and messier than cooking spray.

Cooking spray is also less expensive than olive oil or other oils you could use for this purpose (and it has a longer shelf life). So if you’re looking for an alternative to using oil in your air fryer, try cooking spray instead!

Trying to cook frozen food without defrosting it first

The air fryer is an excellent tool for cooking food, but it’s not the right choice if you’re trying to cook frozen food. Frozen foods like fish and meat may be thawed before they go into the air fryer. But even if they’re not thawed out completely, they will still have some moisture remaining in them when put into your machine and that moisture will prevent them from being cooked properly.


And that’s it! If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to make delicious and healthy recipes in your air fryer. We hope this guide has helped you avoid some of the most common mistakes people make when using an air fryer.



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